What we offer

Northern Vista Designs is a small, family-run firm in Chugiak, Alaska. We are committed to inspired design, elegant functionality, and attention to detail. Whether you're looking for a few updates for your website or a fully dynamic web application, we make it our mission to provide you with an amazing product, and with an enjoyable and productive experience from start to finish.

Meet the Staff

Erik Johnson

Erik became interested in web design several years ago while trying to create a website for a nonprofit he helped found. Over the past seven years, his interest has turned into a passion that has become Northern Vista Designs. Erik is committed to creating websites that express the vision of his clients. In the addition to web design, Erik is a high school English teacher in Anchorage. He can often be found skiing, hiking, fishing, hunting, or spending time with his wife and three children.


"Momma" is in charge of quality control and is Erik's support specialist. Her job entails giving Erik the time he needs in front of the computer, being a second pair of eyes for Erik's projects, and often supplying some extraordinarily tasty food.

"The Boys"

"The Boys" are in charge of Erik's break schedule. They work diligently at keeping Erik sane, and provide endless amounts of entertainment and inspiration.

"The Girl"

"The Girl" is trouble. Part saboteur, part adventurer, and part princess, "The Girl" is in charge of keeping Erik awake and OSHA requirements.

Web Development

We are code-ninjas in HTML, CSS, php, Wordpress, python, javascript and more. If you have the need for development assistance or an entirely original application, we can help.

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Web Design

We combine the latest usability trends with a sensible and elegant philosophy of design. We can make you a site that wil leave a deep impression on your visitors.

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We can also help you business with identity and branding solutions, including logo design, print design, online identity consulting, and professional writing.

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