What about Wix, Weebly, and other build-your-own website services?

“Build your own website” services are increasingly popular, and they can be a good solution for some users. These companies have built platforms that allow you to “drag and drop” elements into your web pages and “design them” yourself. While these services can seem convenient and affordable, they have their downsides:

Limited template and layout options.

Companies like Wix and Weebly offer beautiful-looking designs and templates, but the problem is that literally thousands of other customers employ the same templates. This can make your site look generic. At Northern Vista, we design your site from scratch, so you can be assured its a truly original creation that sets you apart from your competitors.

Additional functionality costs more

These companies often offer an affordable base site, but other functionality will cost you extra. Want your own domain name? Pay more. Want to set up a payment system? Pay more. Want to remove ads or branding from the company? Pay more. Want an events calendar or create a form? Pay more. In addition, the monthly fees from these companies make your site more expensive than you might think. For instance, on Wix, a basic plan costs $20/month, or $240 a year. These costs add up! With a private web designer like Northern Vista, you simply pay the up-front cost of building the website and a few dollars a month for hosting. If you plan on having a website for more than a couple years, paying a local designer is definitely the more affordable option.

Less Support

Companies like Wix, Weebly and others often charge you more for live phone support. As a large international company, they simply do not have the same investment in your website (and your success!) as a local designer does. We are happy to chat with you over email, phone, or even a cup of coffee to help you troubleshoot and improve your site.

How much is your time worth?

Building a site in Weebly or Wix requires you to learn and use their proprietary software. It can take many, many hours to create a site with good aesthetics and usability. Additionally, if you choose to use a different service later, you may not be able to transfer your data, and you certainly won’t be able to transfer your design. All of these factors require you to commit a lot of time to your DIY website.